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No.45 Contributors

Luisa Igloria, who directs the creative writing program at Old Dominion Universityin Norfolk, Virginia, is the winner of the 2011 Philippines Free Press LiteraryPrize.

Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé is an interdisciplinary artist who hasedited more than ten books that span the genres of ethnography, journalism,poetry, and creative nonfiction. He trained in publishing at Stanford, has atheology masters from Harvard, a fine arts (creative writing) masters fromNotre Dame. He has won the Tupelo Press Project, honorable mention.

Aidan Rooney lives in Hingham, Massachusetts and teaches at Thayer Academy. Hispoems are collected in Day Release(2000) and Tightrope (2007), bothpublished by The Gallery Press.

Colin James has a chapbook of poems out fromThunderclapp Press.

Kristian Cordero teaches literature at the Ateneo de Naga University and was therecipient of the 2007 Writers Prize for Poetry from the National Commission forCulture and the Arts (NCCA).

Neil Ellman lives and writes in Livingston, New Jersey and has published numerouspoems, more than 150 of them ekphrastic, in print and online journalsthroughout the world.

Michelle Reale, an academic librarian on faculty atArcadia University in the suburbs of Philadelphia, has been published in avariety of venues, including Eyeshot, elimae, Gargoyle, Los Angeles Review andothers.  Her work was featured in the Dzanc's 2010 Best of the WebAnthology.  Her fiction chapbook, NaturalHabitat, was published by Burning River in 2010.

Sweta Srivastava Vikram haswon two Pushcart Prize nominations, an International Poetry Award, and writingfellowships. A graduate of Columbia University, Sweta reads her work andteaches creative writing workshops across the globe. She lives in New York Citywith her husband. 

Valentina Cano is a student of classical singing who spends whatever free timeeither writing or reading. Her works have appeared in Exercise Bowler, Blinking Cursor, Theory Train, Magnolia's Press,Cartier Street Press, among other publilcations. You can find herhere: http://coldbloodedlives.blogspot.com 

Felix Fojas is a former advertising creative director and professor in Manila whohas moved to the United States. He has lectured at the University of Californiaat Davis, Sacramento State University and Sacramento City College.

Donal Mahoney, the son of Irish immigrantsto the United States, lives in St. Louis, Missouri. He has had poems publishedin a variety of publications, including Revival  (Ireland), Catapult to Mars(Scotland), The Istanbul Literary Review (Turkey), The BeloitPoetry Journal, Commonweal, and Calliope Nerve. In terms ofcuisine, he is partial to "halo halo," ever since eating it in asmall Filipino restaurant in Chicago.

Luis H. Francia teaches at New York University and Hunter College, and is on thecreative writing faculty of the City University of Hong Kong. He writes abimonthly blog for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, "The ArtistAbroad." His latest work is The Beauty of Ghosts, a chapbook ofpoems released in 2010, as was his A History of the Philippines: From IndiosBravos to Filipinos. He is a member of the 99 Percent.

Frank Peñones recently finished his MFA, withdistinction, at the San Jose State University in California and is back in thePhilippines where he is active in the Bikol literary revival. He was finalistin the 2011 Phililppines Free Press Literary Prize.

Marne Kilates edits this online journal.

Charlson Ong is a resident fellow of the Institute of Creative Writing, Universityof the Philippines, where he teaches literature. He has won the Palanca, Free Press,Graphic, Asiaweek, National Book award. His novel, Embarrassment of Riches,won the Philippine Centennial Literary Prize in 1998 and was published by UPPress in 2002.

Reuel Molina Aguila is an award-winning poet, playwright, and writerof screenplays, notably for eminent Philippine directors including Lino Brockaand Behn Cervantes. He has won many honors, including the Gawad PambansangAlagad ni Balagtas, and the Hall of Fame of the Don Carlos Palanca MemorialAwards for Literature.

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No.44 • Contributors

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No.43 • Contributors

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No.42 • Contributors

Abdon Balde, the current chairman of the Writers Union of the Philippines or Unyon ng mga Manunulat sa Pilipinas (Umpil), is a retired engineer who has published four novels, four collections of short stories, and a book of essays on aging. He writes in Filipino, English, and Bikol. He was the SEA Write awardee in 2009.

Yann Verbo Acosta (La Gitana to her contemporaries) is in charge of corporate marketing and public relations at Tanghalang Pilipino, has written songs for Candid Records, and is the frontwoman of the electronica-world music group, Project Ganymede.

Francisco Llaguno has worked for the United Nations, is a freelance writer and has been to Cairo and Alexandria.

Joel Pablo Salud is the editor-in-chief of Philippines Graphic magazine, a writer of fiction, and occasional poet (such as during the Printemps des Poètes reading). He is a member of the Manila Critics Circle.

Christine Joy O. Castillo is taking a Master of Arts in Development Studies at the University of Santo Tomas, a professor at Colegio San Agustin, and a serious student of French.

Beatrix Syjuco is a writer as well as a performance and video artist. She produces, and co-hosts with poet Alfred A. Yuson, the one-hour weekly program “Illuminati” at GNN channel, currently the only Philippine arts and culture show on prime time.

Asha Macam has worked as a food, beauty, fitness and health editor for the past eleven years and is currently an athletic training and wellness consultant. She is also a visual artist and is active in both the written and spoken word.

Jacques Chessex (1934-2009) was a respected Swiss poet, painter, and essayist. He was the first non-French to win France’s most prestigious literary prize, the Prix Goncourt.

Ed Maranan has been variously awarded for his prolific work in poetry, fiction, essays, and children’s verses and stories. He has published three books of poetry (one in Filipino and two in English), and is preparing his fourth.

Victor Emmanuel Carmel Nadera Jr., of Vim, is an associate professor at the Univesity of the Philippines where he became the youngest director of Likhaan: U.P. Institute of Creative Writing. He was won the TOYM, several Palanca and National Book awards, and the Centennial Literary Prize in 1998 for his epic Mujer Indigena.

Maxine Syjuco is a poet and multi-media artist whose first book of poems, A Secret Life, was published in 2008. She is currently recording her first poetry album with the band Utakan, while hammering away on various mixed-media constructions for her third solo exhibition.

Ariana Pozzuoli joined the Printemps  des Poètes this year on her first visit to the Philippines. She is from Canada. In December 2006, she competed in her first Poetry Slam and won, and has been a two-time member of the Toronto Slam Team. She currently resides in Singapore. Last year she was a featured performer at the Salt of the Tongue Poetry Festival in Goolwa, Australia.

Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta has won Palanca and Philippines Free Press awards for her work. Her first collection of poetry, The Proxy Eros, was published by Anvil in 2008 and was shortlisted for a National Book Award.

Cesar A.X. Syjuco is a multi-awarded painter, poet and critic of international stature. Widely regarded as “the Golden Boy of Philippine Art,” he will soon be releasing his 15-track CD album and book set titled A Sudden Rush of Genius.

Noel Romero del Prado teaches at the Filipino Department of the Ateneo de Manila University. He has published a collection of poem in Filipino and English, Balat ng Dagat, under Salimbayan Books. A lawyer by profession, he is a child and women’s rights advocate.

Marne Kilates has published three books of poetry and numerous translations of Tagalog poetry into English.  He has won the Palanca, National Book, and SEA Write awards. He edits and publishes The Electronic Monsoon Magazine.

Alfred A. Yuson, “Krip,” has authored 25 books thus far. He contributes a weekly arts and culture column to the Philippine Star, teaches fiction and poetry at the Ateneo de Manila University, and has been elevated to the Hall of Fame of the Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature.

Gémino H. Abad is University Professor emeritus of literature and creative writing at the University of the Philippines where he continues to teach. He also teaches at the Ateneo de Manila. He has 36 books to his name and has won many honors and awards for his poetry, including Italy’s Premio Feronia.

Johanna Carissa Fernandez graduated from the Ateneo with a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, and is currently preparing her application to a pilot training institution in San Diego. She writes poetry and fiction, and is currently vocalist and keyboardist of the ambient/alternative rock band, The Leakhouse Project.

Andrea Levinge is completing her degree in Computer Science at the Ateneo de Manila and is a member of Mensa. She knows that, secretly, all code aspires to poetry.

Victor Peñaranda has travelled widely here and abroad as a researcher on community development and governance. He lived in worked in the Kingdom of Bhutan and in the Republic of Macedonia for several years. He is student of Theosophy. His poetry books include Voyage in Dry Season (1985) and Pilgrim in Transit (2009).

Ramon C. Sunico manages Cacho Publishing House. He writes poems in Filipino and English, stories for children, essays, and very short stories. He edits, designs books and book covers, and brings book fantasies from initial idea to printed magical object. He translates literary pieces occasionally.

Rio Alma (the nom de plume of Virgilio S. Almario, national artist for literature), has published more than 25 books of poetry and almost an equal number of criticisms and literary history, all in the national language.

Anne Abad is a management graduate of the Ateneo and has been a fellow in gour national writing workshops. Her works have appeared in various anthologies and publications, including Rockets, Swords and Rainbows, Damazine, and Philippine Graphic. She loves to run, and gets most of her ideas while doing so.

Gian Paolo Lao was a fellow of the 9th Ateneo National Writers’ Workshop, the 10th IYAS Creative Writing Workshop, and the 49th Silliman University National Writers Workshop. He graduated from the Ateneo de Manila with a Bachelor of Science in Management.
Jv. D. Perez, our cover photographer, is a writer, artist, and graphic designer who has won the Palanca Awards and Gawad Komisyon for his fiction in Hiligaynon. He wields a trusty Pentax and sends his photos from Iloilo.
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No. 41 • The Karnabal Issue

No. 41 • Contributors

Luis H. Francia writes from New York City, teaches at New York University and Hunters College, writes for the Village Voice and Inquirer, and has recently launched From Indio to Filipino: A Brief History of the Philippines (New York: Overlook Press).

Jv. D. Perez is a writer, artist, and graphic designer, and has won the Palanca Awards and Gawad Komisyon for his fiction in Hiligaynon. He wields a trusty Pentax and sends his photos from Iloilo.
Kristian Cordero has won many awards for his poetry in Filipino and in the Bikol language. He is a leading figure in the current resurgence of Bikol writing while teaching literature at the Ateneo de Naga University.

Corinna Arcellana Nuqui  has a degree in Medical Science from the UP College of Medicine, trained under Filipino pastry chefs, is certified by the US National Restaurant Association as a Professional Baker, and has won awards for her plays, fiction, and poetry.

Robin Lim is a poet, midwife, and a grandmother, and lives with her family Ubud, Bali. She traces her hilot heritage from her Filipino lola. In 2006 she was given the Alexander Langer International Peace Award; in 2009 her novel Butterfly People was published by Anvil.

R. Torres Pandan and his son Anton recently shared beer and pulutan with your editor when he visited Manila. Poet, fiction writer, and lawyer, Rayboy is the Dean of the College of Law of the University of St. La Salle in Bacolod City. He recently resumed writing his novel.

Nick Carbós fourth book of poems is Chinese, Japanese, What are These? (Pecan Grove Press, 2009). He is currently earning a PhD in creative writing at the University of Manchester (U.K.).                 

Joel M. Toledo is going Bellagio, Italy (not Las Vegas), on a Rockefeller grant and will live and write his poetry on a hill overlooking a lake.

Remigio Llaguno Jr. started writing and painting in Daraga, Albay and now lives in Valencia, California.

Elmer Castigador Grampon is a registered nurse, entrepreneur, writer, poet, and photographer.

Eduardo L. Santoalla works with Oxfam, travels frequently, was a former journalist and is now trying his hand at poetry.

Victor Peñaranda lives in Bai, Laguna, beside the lake, where he can watch the day change colors.

Danny Sillada was born on Mindanao island, was almost a priest before turning to his art. He has exhibited extensively, locally and abroad, with 13 one-man shows to his name.

Simeon Dumdum Jr. is a regional trial court executive judge in Cebu City, has published five books, three of them poetry and two essays.

Ramil Digal Gulle has three books of poetry, has won the Palanca Awards, and is a journalist and freelance writer. He says he met the duende when he was in the third grade, when he got trapped inside the elementary school library stock room.

Fidel Rillo graduated from Araneta University with a degree in agriculture and then becaome one of our leading poets in Filipino and a much sought-after book designer.

Cezar Ruis Aquino’s generation of writers in the 60s, which included Jose Lansang Jr., Wilfredo Pascua Sanchez, Erwin Castillo, and Ninotchka Rosca, was called “brilliant.” In 2004, Cezar or Sawi received the SEA Write Award from the Prince of Thailand.

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